A new Minimalism Challenge

We kinda like the whole idea of minimalist living. We’ve been gradually over the past couple of years getting rid of a whole lot of extras that we felt we could do without. It’s definitely been a work in progress and it seems that there’s still a good amount of stuff coming into the house that we likely don’t need but we have definitely found a rhythm that works for us.

This had lead to a major decrease in stress, increase in finances retrained and more free time to spend as a family. As an example, when I opted not to go back to work nearly one year ago and instead follow my passion for health and fitness and take on a very part time job, we wondered how we would have to adjust our budget to make ends meet. We made a few changes/adjustments but by and large, we just realized that we have made relatively few sacrifices. It’s a pretty cool thing to look back on and say “hey…we did it!” Believe me…in the stage of life that we’re in, there are days where we see very little victory so to have this adds a much needed ego boost on those particularly rough days.

This past weekend, I was challenged by my hubby to take it up a notch. He challenged me to use my bike and the kids trailer to do the grocery shopping. He’d seen it on one of his favorite blogs, Mr. Money Mustache, and decided that it would be a perfect challenge for me (note: not him). Now, as a disclaimer, I’d already done some shopping at Costco a few days prior so though we still needed a fair bit of restock for the week, it wasn’t a full grocery shop. And since I have a hard time saying no to a challenge…off I went.



Needless to say, it was a success but let me tell you…you think having a budget deters you from overspending on groceries? Not compared to knowing you have very limited space to get them home!


I think this may be more of a habit going forward which is kinda cool. I’m a very nervous bike rider (hell will likely experience a cold front before you see me clipped in…ever) so this was not an easy task for me. I get flustered very easily so to have to figure out how to lock everything up, making sure it would all fit in the trailer after purchase, the inevitable mental image of the trailer opening up and all my groceries spilling in the middle of the intersection…and aside from some less than graceful start ups trying to get myself started (spoiler: I walked the bike and trailer across the street), it was good. I’m proud of myself!


4 thoughts on “A new Minimalism Challenge”

  1. If there were also kids in that trailer, I’m even more impressed. 🙂 Way to go, regardless!

  2. This is something I’ve been focused on now for a few years, not with great results yet mind you, especially if you look at my closet 🙂

    Are you familiar with the minimalists? They have a great podcast.

    Where in canada are you?

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