Battle Frog Race Recap

As promised, here’s my take on my first Battle Frog experience and my 3rd Obstacle Race.

There were 2 options for the race: an 8k open heat (meaning anyone and everyone could participate) and a 16k elite heat (meaning you were there to compete and had to complete every obstacle or would be disqualified from podium placing). I had originally signed up for the elite heat and after coming to my dang senses realizing that barely any running and no hill training and minimal obstacle training had taken place of the winter was likely not going to work in my favor, I opted to downgrade to the 8k open heat. I actually don’t know what I was thinking in the first place. I was so happy that I did because the 8k was a big enough burger for me. No need to be glutinous.

Rocktape to keep my knee happy.
Rocktape to keep my knee happy.

So our heat started just after 8:30 and I quickly realized that this would be a tricky run because there were hills at every turn. Not huge, not all of them steep but enough for my prairie legs and lungs to feel it in the first mile. I also realized that every obstacle came with a novice, intermediate and elite option to complete. I mostly stuck with the intermediate options but once that I knew I could do, I went with the elite option and there were some that I chose the novice option. With unlimited tries at each obstacle, there was no pressure if it took some time to finish.

The first 2-3 obstacles were bottle necked and took some time to get through. Thankfully, some of the early obstacles were ones that I found the most challenging so it was nice to get them over with. The 8ft wall is always tough (my 4 year old jumps higher than I do) and the 60 degree wall is a lot harder than I was expecting. The hardest obstacle for me was the 12ft rope wall. It took a couple of tries to conquer it but I eventually got up and over. I don’t think I approached it properly and couldn’t get my footing right on the wall. That one taxed my grip pretty badly. After that, the tip of the spear was really hard. I had a better set up going in which helped me complete it. The platinum rig was insane! I chickened out and stuck with the novice option for that once. Even that was very challenging. You need super human grip to get through it, that’s for sure.


Other obstacles included the wreck bag carry (50lb bag), jerry can carry (though the bush and with some climbing involved), ladder walls, rope climb, pallot carry, inverted wall, normandy jacks and more that I can’t remember. Everything offered it’s own challenge.

Inverted Wall. Not as easy as it may (or may not) look.
Inverted Wall. Not as easy as it may (or may not) look.
50lb wreck bag. It's all in the clean.
50lb wreck bag. It’s all in the clean.

Overall, the course was beautiful. The trails were nice, and the weather was perfect. It was a nice day and event. As always, I wished I would have finished with a better time but I think I will forever battle with the mental aspect of racing and pushing myself in a race. I rarely, if ever finish completely spent. And yet in the moment, my brain is screaming at me to stop, slow down, telling me I can’t do what I’m doing. Ugh. My brain sucks sometimes. It would be interesting to see what I could accomplish with a bit more confidence (or any confidence) and more focused training. I know I have more in me, I just can’t tap into that part of myself.

All in all though, it was awesome and it was great meeting up with my amazing and very inspiriting Fit Fam after the race. We all earned our medals that day! If I can, I will definitely be back next year.

If hubby will let me…

High five's for finishing!
High five’s for finishing!