bRUNching it with Lululemon

Last weekend, I participated in a fun 5k event here in town. Lululemon put on their first annual bRUNch run. I literally stumbled onto it randomly and it seemed like fun. And hey, it was only $20 (practically free as far as race registrations go) and promised some potentially decent swag.  Budget friendly and free stuff? Yes please!

It was not the nicest of days and after some hemming and hawing, I decided that running it was probably not the smartest thing to do. My knee has been in rough shape since Swamp Donkey last month. Remembering back to last year where I just kept running through some pain in my knee and ended up sidelined all winter was not something I wanted to repeat this year. Though, I suppose in some sense, I’m already there…boo.


So I decided to be a responsible adult and walk the 5k. Thankfully, a friend was also planning on walking it as well so it was clearly meant to be.

The course was simple and took us along the river path. It was nice. A little less wind and a little more sunshine would have been superb but hey, you can’t have it all.


There’s not much to say about the event other than it was a lot of fun! We got a nice lululemon shirt, a GORP bar, a tube of Nuun, a free pass for hot yoga and a free pass for a new cycle studio in the city….all for $20. Seriously.

I will definitely be doing this again next year…if I can get in. I’m sure word will be out about it and it will either be 3x as expensive and/or it will sell out in about 5 seconds.


Sometimes, it’s fun to be active and not worry about time or pace. This was exactly that. I got to enjoy some good conversation with a friend, cheer on the runners as they passed us on the out and back course and enjoy the rest of my day with my family because I wasn’t half dead from pushing myself too hard.

Wins for everyone! Well…wins for me 🙂

Thanks Lululemon! See you again next year!