Eat, Sleep, Swing, Repeat

It has been a long 4 or so months of training but all that kettlebell swinging, cleaning, pressing and snatching is about to come across the finish line. Certification weekend is this weekend. Like…starting tomorrow.


I’m definitely feeling anxious about it. Not to be confused with dread because I’m absolutely not dreading the weekend but there’s something about feats of strength and skill that make my tummy nervous. I know I’m as ready for this as could be and regardless of the outcome, there is no possible way I could have done more over these last few months than I’ve done. I worked dang hard. I made amazing progress and am definitely a lot stronger now than I was. Physically and mentally.

Swinging the rainbow!
Swinging the rainbow!

This was not an easy journey to walk.I was humbled a number of times when I couldn’t do what I set out to do. There were days my hands hurt so much I could barely sweep my floors (so I happily didn’t…score!). And the extra time and effort I put into this, on top of learning to coach put an exhaustion on me like nothing else. But it was all worth it. It’s all been worth it. Broken hands, broken ego and sacrificing the knees almost every pair of workout pants from a seemingly endless streak of turkish get-ups…all worth it. What started out as an interest and desire to get a better handle on training with and training others in kettlebells ended up becoming a full out love of the training and the movements.

I’m excited for this weekend. Regardless of whether I pass or not, I’ll be equipped with knowledge that I can apply right away. If I don’t pass, I’ll be disappointed for sure but there is always a bigger picture to consider in stuff like this and that’s what I’m going to hang onto. Goodness knows after the weekend is done, my hands will be too destroyed to hang on to anything else!