Finding Life in the Broken Way

Friends, I’ve been given a pretty cool opportunity.

I applied (because I’m a geek and have far too much free time, apparently) to be on the launch team for Ann Voskamp’s new book, “The Broken Way”. I was one (of many) selected and so as part of that, I have the opportunity to read the book ahead of its release later in October.

If you’ve read Ann’s book “One Thousand Gifts” then you are well versed in her unique style of writing. It’s raw, it’s vulnerable and whether you relate to her writing style or not, there is no denying that her words penetrate deep into your heart and touch places you didn’t know were hurting.

The Broken Way is no exception. So far, we’ve received the first couple of chapters and within the opening pages was such deep vulnerability and hurt, you can’t help but want to race down to Ann’s beautiful farm and hug her.

It takes tremendous courage and faith to open your life up in such a raw and organic way. And this is just 2 chapters. There is so much truth and honesty in her own brokenness that I can only imagine how the remaining chapters will take shape. The call is clear: God moves in the broken. God sees the broken. We are all broken so what will we do with our one broken heart.

This book will no doubt transform lives. I’m really hoping there is a study that goes along with it. Stay tuned for more…