Life These Days…

Taking a few quiet moments this morning. My coffee is warm(ish) and the kids are all home from school today. We’re heading into another busy weekend of gatherings, lessons and general day-to-day togetherness. I don’t know about you, but I need a few moments in the morning to myself to gear myself up for the day. So naturally, that means my kids are watching a few too many episodes of Peppa Pig while I stare with tired, glazed over eyes out the window and literally watch winter rolling toward us.

I own parenting today.

So what’s new with me these days? Let’s go point-form for this one:

  • Since my Swamp Donkey adventure a couple of weeks ago, my knee has gradually gotten worse and worse. Boo. Tendonitis. Not fun. Not horrible but it’s meant to running and a general dislike for anything downhillish. Doesn’t bode well for the 5k run I’m doing on Sunday morning. It’s a fun run so time wasn’t something I was overly concerned about. But it’s going to be cold…and when I’m cold, I’m unhappy so knowing I’ll likely be out on the course for much longer than anticipated makes me a bit grumpy. But I’m going to make the most of it.
  • We’ve been dealing with cold-ageddon here for nearly 3 weeks. No one is ever sick enough to call themselves sick but no one is healthy enough to not spend half the day and night hacking up unknown phlegmy substances. Everyone wants to be around us. Be jealous.
  • I suck at bowling. This I knew but the level of sucktasticness was epic. i.e. my 6 and 4 year old nearly beat me…and I was trying. I will not be joining any bowling leagues in the foreseeable future.
  • I willingly got out of bed at 5:15am one day this week. No kids getting me up. Just me. It was awesome. Hot coffee from start to finish, conversation with the hubby before he jetted off to work, devotional time in bed without kidlets jumping, hitting or otherwise destroying stuff. Bliss. I was ready to do that every day until 9am hit and I was face down on the floor in exhaustion. Baby steps, friends. One morning at a time.

This weekend, we have 3 Thanksgiving dinners. I have minimal responsibility at any of them. I’m kinda happy about this (read: jumping for freaking joy…cautiously, of course…because knees…). We’ll be driving all over the place but it’s all good because that means we’re not hosting. Which means I can put off cleaning my house for even longer.

If that’s not cause for giving thanks, I don’t know what is.