Of all the Things I’ve Lost, I Miss my Mind the Most

I have had my fair share of mommy brain over the years but I swear…after my third baby, any and all brain function flat-lined. I don’t know if it’s denial that maybe I’m more taxed than I think I am or perhaps it’s the constant act of having something to do every day that just overloaded my system. Either way, I have gradually developed into the one thing that is typically a pet-peeve for me:


Forgetting appointments, forgetting where I put things, forgetting why and where I’m driving to. Simple, every day tasks and lists that I used to keep a mental check on with minimal effort are suddenly a big jumble of tasks in my brain. For the most part, it’s an inconvenience that brings with it a bit of embarrassment when I have a brain fart (technical term alert) and have to admit to someone that I forgot something I usually wouldn’t forget.


This past weekend, my forgetting led to a whopper of a situation: I’ve lost my wedding rings.

Guys…this is a huge deal because days later, they are no where to be found. I’m positive they were in the house and I took them off in the kitchen before I started meal prepping but now they are no where in site. I’m trying not to panic because I really hope I have some sudden recollection of where they ended up that I’ll be able to laugh about later but the reality is…I don’t and every day that we can’t find them is a day I wonder if I’ll ever see them again. Aside from the obvious fact that they represent my union with my husband and that he carefully picked them out with me in his heart, they are the only jewelery I wear aside from earrings that I never take out.

It’s making me a bit sick to my stomach to think that in a moment of utter stupidity, they may be gone forever.

If you’re the praying type, pray that they turn up. And that later tonight when hubby and I are dumpster diving in our trash and recycling bins that somehow, they reappear and we can have a good chuckle about it at some point in the future.

2 thoughts on “Of all the Things I’ve Lost, I Miss my Mind the Most”

  1. That really sucks. I do hope you remember where or find them somewhere!! I find that I miss my patience. My sleep debt is into the millions I am sure and my patience acceptability has decreased just as much. We have #3 coming and I really do fear where the patience will go after that.

    1. Thankfully, I finally found them!

      And I hear you on patience…#3 didn’t make mine worse but it definitely didn’t make it better 🙂

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