Planning 2017

Now that 2017 is here and people are done posting about all their resolutions and big plans for the year, I feel like I can quickly hop on to the band wagon a bit.

I always have goals on the go and am working on or toward something but I’m not much of a resolution girl. It’s not that I think they’re bad, but I find that they can almost bully us into changing everything about ourselves as a way of making our self-worth more tangible and I’ve learned (very slowly) over the years that it’s just not a healthy mindset for me to have. That said, if you thrive on resolutions and they have helped you, more power to you! But for me…they don’t produce the fruit that works in my favor so I try to avoid that whole rush of change if I can.

That doesn’t mean that I flip the calendar and continue one my merry way. I like to start planning my year a couple of months before the new year hits. A lot of stuff goes into that kind of planning: what events am I interested in; how much does a particular event cost; what’s our budget going to be like; does it make sense with my training/work/family balance. As much as I would love to sign up for a butt ton of things to keep me accountable, it’s just not realistic so I need to think about what it is I’m wanting to accomplish and then choosing the training and event(s) that fit with my goals as well as not interfering with my day-to-day life.

A good example of this would be my desire to run another half marathon. I’d like to do this in 2017 but right now, the amount of time it would take to train, my questionable knee health and my desire to fit in some ocr races don’t make this very reasonable. So instead, I’m eyeing up a few shorter distance races that I know I’ll enjoy (and possibly trying to convince hubby to do one or two with me) and won’t require the same level of training.

So far, I’m committed to running a Sprint and Super Spartan this summer in Red Deer, Alberta. I’m super bummed that Spartan decided to pull out of Manitoba this year because having a local ocr race is so awesome and the travel to Red Deer will definitely add up financially but some things are beyond control. At least it gives me the opportunity to do an epic road trip with some awesome friends for a few days, run a couple of sweet races back-to-back and then come home.

One of my big goals for the winter is to improve my conditioning. I found the past year has been tough for not having the time/desire to do a lot of running. I found it very difficult to fit it in amongst my other training, family life and work. I’ve been working on a plan to slowly add more of this in to re-build my base safely. I’m hoping that hubby will sign up for a relay race in the Spring with me so we both have a goal to work toward together. I think it’s a fabulous idea! I’m not so sure he’s an enthusiastic about it though 🙂

That colour tho!

I’m also happy to report that Legend Compression has asked me to stay on as a brand ambassador for another year which is very exciting for me. I absolutely love their compression socks for running and calf sleeves when kettlebell training (which I do barefoot). Super soft, comfortable and they keep my legs very, very happy. I have a referral code that will save you $15 off your first purchase so if you’re in the market, let me know and I can share!

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  1. Just came across your Blog! I’m looking for compression socks for my husband. I’m a tri-wife! But also a fit MOM! Sending love from Illinois! ARe those compression socks for men too?

    1. Hi Michelle, Yes! Legend socks are for men and women! Head over to the website and all the info will be there, including a sizing chart to help you guys find the right sizes. Take care! XOXO

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