Polar Teases us with New M600

So I’ve been an ambassador for Polar for a little while now. I’ve had the opportunity to test out some cool products and I have always been amazed and happy with whatever I’ve had. My toy of choice for the last year has been the M400. It’s seen me through some great miles and some tough ones. We’ve had good times and bad (literally and figuratively). The only place I haven’t ventured with it yet is OCR. Though I’m sure the watch can handle it, the thought of it possibly perishing in the thick, sometimes endless, mud makes me too afraid to torture it like that.

Basically, what I’m saying is that I’m a fan. Ambassador or not, I genuinely love the product. Maybe it’s not for everyone, but in a land of endless tech, new gadgets hitting the market almost daily, I love that Polar continues to update the products I already have to keep them relevant to my lifestyle until I’m ready to move on and not because the product is so obsolete that I have no choice but to find something new.  Kuddos to Polar!

I came across this beautiful little teaser the other day and to say that I got excited is an understatement. I may have squealed a bit on the inside….ok the outside too.

Polar M600


I mean….LOOK AT IT! It’s gorgeous (and will be available in white as well!) and techy and my inner geek goes all aflutter.

Features include:

  • 24/7 activity tracking
  • Smart calories
  • Sport profiles (so you can use it in every discipline you practice)
  • Running programs
  • Wrist based heart rate monitor (hello game-changer!)
  • GPS
  • 48 hour battery life for Android (yahoo!)

And this is just the preview! If you want to preorder (hint, hint hubby) or subscribe to the insider list, head over to and sign up! Your fitness will thank you!

I’m sure I’ll have more information on this watch as the launch date gets closer so stay tuned!