Running Toward: A Slower Pace

And suddenly, summer is half over…

I feel like the past couple of months have just flown by. June…where did you go? July…did we forget about you? And now it’s August. It actually blow my mind that a whole bunch of you already have kids going back to school. Egad! I’m not ready for that.

I’ll freely admit that it’s not always easy having all the kids home at once. Lots of boredom, picking on each other and random bursts of “Mom, he’s staring at meeeeeeee” (how in the heck did that and pointing become the universal sign of childhood. Seriously…annoying the crap out of each other for generations…).

Some days be like whoa...
Some days be like whoa…

Other than our family vacation last month, we’ve had a pretty low key summer. When the second place highlight goes to potty training the youngest (still working on it…), you know your summer has been a bit quieter than you thought it would be.

But truthfully, everyone is super busy in the summer. That’s when you’re supposed to take holidays, go on vacations, spend extra time as a family and reconnect. It’s very liberating to be able to toss some sense of rigid schedules out the window to enjoy a few weeks of freedom. I like that we can wake up in the morning with no plans and just go with the flow. Some days, it’s meant entire days indoors because playtime was going so well, there’s no way I was going to interrupt it. Other times, we’re outside at the butt-crack of dawn because the fighting is so insane, I have an overwhelming urge to remind our neighbors that it’s never too early for a good old fashioned public meltdown (which may or may not coincide with one set of neighbours working feverishly to get their house up and on the market so they can have some freaking peace and quiet in the country).

On the other hand. I miss those days of knowing I would see certain people on certain days and at certain times. Or that I’d be less one or (come the fall) two kids for a couple of hours (if you doubt at all that there is a God, I present to you: preschool). Aside from work, I generally don’t have too much adulting time over the summer. It becomes increasingly evident when the only clothes in my laundry basket at the end of the week are pj’s and workout clothes. Good for laundry, depressing for the laundry-doer.

Of course, there’s always that thing about being intentional about getting together and (gasp) being the initiator. This is where my introverted person gets a wee bit antsy and panicked. I am most definitely not an initiator of any type of thing social. Whatever the opposite of social butterfly is (moth? bug? something that’s been stepped on?), that’s me.

Slowing the pace down (literally and figuratively)
Slowing the pace down (literally and figuratively)

Either way, in spite of some lonely days, I’ve been enjoying this summer and the slower pace it’s brought into our lives. In a few short weeks, we’ll be back into high gear so I fully intend (and hope you do as well) to enjoy my time before the crazy hits.