Running Toward: Birthday Madness

Yesterday, I embarked on what can only be described as utter insanity.

I’ve run crazy races, sometimes going through the night. I’ve taken on tasks and goals that scare the heck out of me but nothing compared to what I took on yesterday:

Namely…a double birthday party for my boys.

Somebody hold me.

February birthdays are tricky around here because the weather is cold and our budget is…well…frugal. Add that I am one of the most creatively challenged people out there and any event of any type could be destined for disaster.

Thankfully, the weather was a bit milder and the kids are still young enough that we can make this a glorified play date and know they can have fun with it (and hope my house is still standing by the end).

I’m not going to say I knocked it out of the park but I will say that I think the kids had a great time with their friends. They played outside, had pizza, made ice cream sundae’s and no one said a word about the pathetic balloon display or single dollar store birthday banner. I won’t display a picture of our decor because I don’t want you to get jealous it’s somewhat underwhelming but for anyone who knows me well, it’s exactly what you’d expect in our home. It should come as no surprise that I pray daily for low-maintenance kids who don’t like the flashy stuff.

I absolutely loved this party. I love that as the boys get older, they are developing friendships and relationships with other kids. It’s really one of the greatest things that I get to be witness to as a mom. To get to see their excitement and how they genuinely care for their friends is such a joy. I think my favorite moment was watching one boy sheepishly go and give my oldest a great big hug before he left with his mom. That, to me, is the very essence of friendships and I know that as these kids get older, stuff like hugging and putting hearts and the word “love” in things will be frowned upon and even made fun of. It’s a shame that we make such a big deal out of how our society needs to love each other more and then allow that same display of beauty to be shamed in the very people (namely, kids) who show it so organically toward one another.

And now that the dust has settled, the messes cleaned up and the birthday hangovers in full force today, I can honestly say that I’m excited to do this again next year. I just may need to be reminded of that when we get a bit closer.Happy Birthday