Running Toward: Blissful Weekends

Happy sunny, warm, Spring-like Monday everyone! We still have a butt-ton of snow everywhere but the puddles and messy cars are telling me that we won’t for too much longer! I even had my windows open to get some actual fresh air in the house yesterday. Absolutely blissful and exactly what my mental health needs right now!

This past weekend was good. We’re just coming off of a recovery week at work which tends to give me a bit of extra time during the week to be home and to relax a bit more. I’m still in a phase of learning at work where I pour a good amount of my free time into thinking about work and how I can get better. It’s not a bad thing but I definitely try to take advantage of any extra time that can be spent recharging.

I also got to enjoy a date night with my hubby which is always great. After the boys had a birthday party in the afternoon, we left them and my girl, all sugared up and in the hands of a babysitter (*snickers*) and went out for a quick bite at one of my favorite digs, Boon Burger and then hopped over to the arena to watch our Jets beat the Canadians at a great hockey game. So good!


Sunday we went to church in the morning and then took advantage of the beautiful day to get the boys outside to the park while the baby slept. They came home soaked, spent and smiling. While they were gone, I opened up the windows and sat outside in the sun for a bit and just enjoyed this moment of warmth. It was definitely a much needed weekend.


Looking ahead to this week, it’s going to be crazy. I haven’t done much kettlebell work in 2 weeks now so I need to get a plan in place for that. I need to start running again and I need to get my days organized. In short, I have a lot to do but it’s all good stuff so I’m excited!

Have a great week everyone!