Running Toward: Insanity

Guys….this week….oh my word I think my kids have officially lost it.

Seriously…a new routine of outside time every day followed by a few days of rain and a flooded back yard and suddenly all the crazy comes out. So much fighting and screaming and tantruming…I swear the pitch of some of this is so shrill that my hair is starting to self-perm as a means of coping.

We tried some outside action but the only one even remotely sold is (naturally) the one who trips over her own feet every few steps and ends up soaked before the rest of us have finished putting shoes on.

If ever there was a time to slam ones head into the wall to distract from the madness of stir-crazy kids, this week has been it.

I don’t know about you but seeing the sun shining today after a few dark and gloomy days has been a very (and I mean very) welcome thing. It’s seriously amazing how some fresh air can clear one’s mind and lighten the overall mood. It also filters out the shrillness of screaming kids (sorry neighbours).

Cheers to sunshiney days!

Stay sane friends….stay sane.