Running Toward: Lamenting

Well…we tried to avoid the inevitable and lost out….

we have puke.

I hate puke. I’m terrified in an abnormal-I-need-to-chill-out-and-deal kind of way. I just can’t handle it.

We also have gross colds in the house. Awesome.

My oldest and I have been battling colds and coughs for a couple of weeks. My middle woke me up yesterday morning to tell me he had to puke. And the littlest little always has her grubby hands on everything and then either in her mouth or up her nose (such a lady…) which means she’ll likely get some sort of hybrid plague.

I seriously can’t remember a time I was this exhausted. I feel like all I do all day is hack away. There is no cough remedy that works. I fully plan on calling the maker’s of Buckley’s to say “na-uh…it tastes awful and DOESN’T work”. I’m seriously up half the night hacking away. My throat…raw. Voice…not great. Attitude…no comment.

In case it’s not blindingly obvious…I don’t deal well with sickness. A few days, ok, it happens. But once we get into the “weeks” category, I start to melt down. Impending winter means weeks and weeks of being indoors, freezing cold and feeling like the walls are closing in on us. To lose these last days of being able to get outside is killing me. The realization that it’s getting cold enough to snow already is daunting because I am just not ready to let go of living outside these walls for 5-6 months.

And I’m certainly not ready to clean endless amount of kid puke.

Am I the only one who goes through the annual period of mourning (aka complaining). I seriously hope I’m not the only big time wuss out there. Misery loves company after all…

More uplifting stuff next time…I promise.