Running Toward: Long Weekend Goals and my Half-Dead Garden

The May long weekend is upon us and though I doubt many of us here are celebrating the name sake of the stat holiday, our household is definitely enjoying an extra day at home. So much so that as I type this, 2 of my 3 littles are completely passed out, exhausted from a morning of swimming. My oldest is at a friends house (yep…they “play” at each other’s houses now that they’re 7 and all grown up, they don’t “play date” any more because that garbage is for the babies…or so I’m told) and I have no clue where my hubby is. I’m assuming he’s fine and maybe enjoying some peace and quiet himself.

The long weekend also unofficially ushers in summer. It’s still not that warm out (to those of you out there already dealing with 30C+…my condolences) but I took the plunge and planted my garden anyway. It’s always a bit of a gamble for me because I have such difficulty keeping anything plant-like alive (evidence would be some of the already half-dead vegetable plants I threw in the ground after forgetting to water them in the pots for a few days…*face palm*). In spite of this short-fall, I have managed to keep 3 human plants alive and kicking for over 7 years now so pats on the back for me.

I’ve also realized that while I occasionally venture out for a run and come home with my lungs half collapsed after 3 short miles (that qualifies as an Ultra run…doesn’t it?), that I’m starting to run out of time to get my booty in gear to tackle more than double that distance with about 25-30 obstacles and potentially hundreds of burpees thrown in, in 2 months time.

Would now be a good time to panic or do I still have some time to get my azz in gear here? The fact that I’m sitting on my duff asking this is a pretty good indicator of where my level of panic is right now. I feel like perhaps I need to make a more conscious effort to build my mileage up, even though I’m not feeling overly motivated to get out there and do it. Or more likely, jump on my old, beaten treadmill and stare at the most uninspiring paneled basement walls known to mankind.

So what I’m trying to say here…is that I need to get out and run more. I know I can do it. I know I have to do it but I’m not doing it. And in 2 months I know that I will wish that I had. Ugh. Even though I love working out and training, I often struggle with doing the things that are hard for me. And running is hard for me. I’m not a particularly fast runner so those long runs take quite a while for me to finish which makes them harder to schedule. And yet whenever I go out and do it, I feel good after. What a tease the brain can be!

In the end, I know what I need to do. With preschool coming to and end for my 5 year old this week and grade 1 for my oldest in just over a month, I will very soon have 3 kids to entertain and whom the powers that be insist is illegal to leave unsupervised to go for a slow jog through the neighbourhood. So off I go to put on my thinking cap so I can best determine how to get ‘er done in time for Spartan Red Deer!