Running Toward: Loosening my Grip

“Mama, I’m just going to go play with my friends for a bit”…

And just like that, he was off. 7 years old and suddenly a man…

Well…not so much. More like 7 years old and bored being at his 5 year old brother’s soccer game. Either way, I feel like we’re approaching a new milestone that has me a bit overwhelmed. My shy, sweet, quiet first-born is becoming more and more independent. He’s got friends that he jokes around with, plays on sports teams with and that are filling his social calendar. Not to mention he’d rather be playing with them than his boring old mother (can’t say I blame soccer skills are not going to get me chosen first for the team any time soon). This boy is starting to experience independence and life outside of my protective wings. I knew the day would come and I knew I’d never be prepared for it and yet somehow, a part of me always assumed that my wingspan would stretch just far enough to keep him close.

He’s still close, but drifting farther away into the world he will one day be surrounded by. It’s a scary thing to see that happen and yet there is so much joy in watching him find his path, make friends and start to identify himself as an individual and recognize his likes, his desires and his needs. It’s really a crazy ride we’re going on and knowing we have 2 more littles that will soon follow in his footsteps is a lot for this poor mothers heart to accept.

These kids are very quickly discovering that there is life beyond the sheltered little nest their parents have built around them. It would be so easy to hold them close and say “just one more day, then you can fly” but boy…my biggest little man is sooooo ready to explore.

And so opens up a whole new chapter for us as parents. Where the questions start to get a bit tougher, the conversations a bit less watered down and realities start to become…well…real.

I do realize that my boy is only 7 and for those that may be thinking that this is nothing and to just wait…back yourselves right on up because this mama bear needs space to deal with 7. I know 13 is coming at warp speed but for now, 7 is my focus and I need to pull myself together with that before teenagedom comes and punches me in the face. I just need some time to deal, ok?

Anyone else suddenly realizing that time does more than just turn their hair gray and make everything saggy???