Running Toward: Minimizing

Friends…Spring has officially arrived here. It’s not because the snow is more or less gone. Not because we were out playing and starting to clear the yard of last year’s dead grass. Not because we packed away the winter boots.

Cleaning/Purging fever has hit and it’s not going away. For real, I want to take everything in our house and incinerate it. Start fresh, start new. Get rid of the crap and embrace the newness of a freshly organized house.

I’m not joking…I have dollar signs dancing in front of me over the plans I’ve decided we should be undertaking. Dreams of shelving units and pretty baskets full of carefully labeled toys and books have overtaken my sleep.

Loading up the pirate ship with all their worldly possessions.
Loading up the pirate ship with all their worldly possessions.

It could just be that my house is filthy and I need to pick up a dusting cloth and get to work…

It could also be that after Christmas and 2 birthdays, we have, once again amassed a butt-load of stuff we don’t need and it’s time to par down, yet again.

I swear the frustration of having too much stuff never goes away. I don’t know how we end up with more to give away than we add into the mix but it always happens. Not that this is a bad thing, I think the more we’ve gotten rid of, the better it’s been for us all around. And it always seems that there is more to say goodbye to.

Now budget-wise, organizational units are going to have to wait and my dreams of carefully labeled beautiful baskets of toys and books are likely going to stay hidden away on a Pinterest board far, far away. But a gal can dream right? And let’s face it, the act of purging can do wonders for the feel of a house. I know it has for us.

My first act will be to purge these...into my stomach.
My first act will be to purge these…into my stomach.

I just hope the kids are ready. The next time they’re out of the house for a few hours, this mama is going to town!

Get ready!