Running Toward: Motivation (I hope)

Welp, after starting last week with warm sunshine, open windows and lots of motivation, I more or less ended it off with a pile of snow, a house full of head colds and some pretty lack-luster motivation.

Case in point: number of runs: 0 (though I did walk on the treadmill one day which resulted in this awesome discovery!). Number of Kettlebell workouts: 0 (though I did demo a couple of things at a couple of courses we put on over the weekend so I got about…10 swings in. Score).

The desire is there but man…the motivation to actually do it is most certainly not. I’m hoping this week yields a but more umph and a bit less ugh. To my credit, I did get all three of our group workouts in at the gym so that felt good. I pushed hard in a couple, even hit a couple of personal bests which always feels good. But yeah…that other stuff needs to get better especially going into summer where I want to change my focus a bit and get some mileage going and keep up with the strength I gained training over the winter. What I really need to be doing is an overall evaluation of where I have free time, when I am most likely to get this stuff done and to write up a plan to follow as opposed to walking in blindly and wasting half my time trying to figure out what to do.

I'm always motivated to drink coffee.
I’m always motivated to drink coffee.

In other words, I need to do for myself what I always encourage others to do.


This is going to be really challenging over the coming months. With Spring will come soccer, swimming and potentially work which will fill up every single weeknight on our calendar for a couple of months leading up to summer. If I want to make this work, I need to get on the ball and come up with a viable plan of when and where to get done what I want to get done.

So if you happen to see some motivation lying on the side of the road somewhere…could you kindly bring it over to me? Thanks.