Running Toward: No Apologies

I feel like a bit of a broken record when I say that I realize that things around here have been a bit sparse. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I make no apologies about not posting more often. I know for a fact that the two of you that actually tune into my ramblings aren’t hanging onto my every word like your last thread of sanity so I feel ok about living life off the open track.

That said, I must confess that although I enjoy not worrying about writing some trifle of relevance on a strict schedule (and let’s be honest here…I am the last person who should be offering up “5 tips” to anything that doesn’t relate to coffee consumption, and even then…1 tip would suffice therefore making for a dull blog post), I do miss writing. I’ve always found enjoyment clicking away at my keyboard and waiting to see what the end result would be (secret: more times than not, what I start out intending to write is rarely what the final product ends up being). I miss the butterfly feeling of hitting “publish” and seeing the post up live for all (or in the case of my writing, few) to see.

The problem is that I don’t have anything overly earth-shattering or relevant to write about these days. I could write about the endless number of miles I’m NOT running these days or the breakdown of the few that I am but, honestly…does anyone even want to read about splits or the half decomposed rabbit I may have seen on my route? Probably not anymore than I want to write about such things. I could write about my meal prep or planning but since we pretty much eat the same stuff all the time…yaaaaawn!! And my other training? Well there’s lots of repetition there as well. Once upon a time, I’d have been (and was) all over sharing every single detail of that stuff because I love it so much. And the love hasn’t changed, if anything, it’s increased, but I find that I have less and less free time in my days and I really don’t care to spend them writing about trivial things that, let’s be honest here, no one really cares about aside from me.

That’s not to say that I won’t write about things that are interesting and important to me, because I will and do. I have just realized that my days no longer need to revolve around every tiny detail and some unrealistic panic about whether or not I’m relevant to the mom/coaching/health/fitness niche I have unwittingly found myself in (Spoiler: I already know that I’m not and I’m not losing any sleep over it 🙂 ). And to be clear: those that do write that stuff, there is nothing wrong or bad about it, variety and spices, am I right?! I’m merely saying that it’s not what I strive for in my own writing anymore. I crave more depth than a to-do or to-done list of my day offers me. My day to day is also nauseatingly boring, so there’s that little tidbit as well.

So things may be quieter around here and maybe when I do write, you’ll get some fluff content that gets me (and only me) excited and maybe I’ll strip away some layers and go a bit deeper when I feel released to do so. Life is full of layers and experiences and I’m all for living them as they come but don’t feel the need to stress over whether or not I wrote them down and if I have photographic proof of it to share.

Speaking of living life, I need to go ponder the run I already know I’m skipping today. And getting more coffee. Obviously I’m not skipping that. #priorities.