Running Toward: Potty Training

Another week come and gone! Egad, Summer is nearly half over already!

With our family being away on holidays for the first couple of weeks (still have a couple of posts in the works about some of our adventures), last week was really the first week of having all 3 kids home during the day while hubby was away at work.

It was also when I came up with the brilliant idea to potty train the little lady.

Seriously…I hate potty training. Hate it. But I hate diapers more. I’m so ready to be done with cleaning up massive wads of poo from a child who is kicking, screaming, squirming and making a bigger mess than I care to think about over morning coffee.

So instead, I’ve traded it all for cleaning up puddles of pee off the floor instead.


Everyone has their own seat.
Everyone has their own seat.

It’s not the way I envisioned our summer going but it seems as though everyone else is super busy enjoying their summer as well so it’s not like we’re missing out on anything because no one’s available for play dates anyway. And really, listening to her scream about the potty and me lose my cool in frustration is exactly what every kids dreams about for their summer vacation, right?

Now, you may be thinking “hey Steph, maybe she’s just not ready”. And that’s a tough one. She’s “ready”. She tells me when she pees and when she has to poop. It’s more that she’s not “willing”. She doesn’t want to sit still for more than 5 seconds because the world may very well pass her by in that time. Potty training isn’t her idea so she’s not really on board with something that’s not her brain child.

I’m already having nightmares to the battle of wills that will hit in those amazing tween and teen years I keep hearing about.

So last week, we plugged along with that. Some hits, some misses, lots of tears but also a bit of progress. I feel like we’re in it too deep to turn back now so ready or not, here we come potty training.

Bribery with Veggie Tales. Don't judge me.
Bribery with Veggie Tales. Don’t judge me.

Thankfully, one thing that has gone well is that this little fashionista adores underwear. It’s pretty much the greatest invention ever for her. She’s proud to wear them and looooooooves to dance in them (eat your heart out Tom Cruise, there’s a new pantless dance prodigy in town).

Pray for us!