Running Toward: Procrastination

Happy Belated Father’s day! I hope all you dads out there had an amazing time and were celebrated.  We decided on a more low-key day for our family but don’t let that confuse you with thinking we did nothing. I’m pretty sure my house is forever going to smell like bacon…

We stuck pretty close to home this past week. Hubby had to make a quick 2 day trip for work which left me in the solo-parenting role once again. It seems like he’s been doing more traveling this year than the past 5 combined. It’s never easy having him gone and the boys miss him like crazy (the little lady, by contrast, doesn’t much care who’s around so long as they come bearing gifts of food) but thankfully, he was home by the weekend.

Training is coming along slowly but surely. I feel like my age is starting to show because this last week I was just tired and achy. It felt (and still feels) like all my various minor ailments wanted to make themselves known. Knees, big toe (I wore heels for the first time in a loooooong time and apparently, my feet were not happy), ankle, shoulders. My 80 year old self was alive and not-so-well.

Seriously...I'm a gross human being...
Seriously…I’m a gross human being…
Data from my Polar M400. The sets of burpees thrown in during my run nearly killed me.
Data from my Polar M400. The sets of burpees thrown in during my run nearly killed me.

My procrastination was also in tip top shape. I had planned for a 5 mile run on Saturday to hopefully get in front of some crappy weather that was going to hit us on Sunday. I opted for a nap in the afternoon instead. It was glorious. I lay down here and there but rarely do I actually sleep. Let me tell you, I slept hard for a couple of hours. I woke up feeling like I could have just kept sleeping. I hemmed and hawed about my run and decided that I would just have to treadmill it on Sunday afternoon. Hubby ended up guilting me into getting it done Saturday night so at 9pm, I hopped on the treadmill and pounded out an excruciatingly bad 5 miles. Apparently chips don’t make for great running fuel. Lesson learned (again). But it was done. I opted for no playing on the obstacle course at work as my shoulders are feeling a bit beat up.

This week will be a taper of sorts. Dirty Donkey is on Saturday. I’m not ready. I’ll be fine and I’ll finish and do the obstacles but my body will likely be a bit angry with me. I had set a goal earlier to try and beat my time from last year but I’m not really sure I’m conditioned enough to do that this year. That’s ok! I’m still going to give it my all and have a good time getting dirty!