Running Toward: Road Trippin’

It’s been a while hasn’t it? Long breaks for me usually mean I either have nothing to write about or I’m busy living life. This time it’s been a bit of both. We’re in a super busy season with soccer, school, swimming, work and all that around-the-house stuff that goes on when the snow melts and the temperatures start to rise.

As it stands, I’m on my second attempt at seedlings for the garden as my first batch conveniently died or was tragically decapitated by strong winds while I was away for the weekend (RIP little tomato plant…you did your best). I’ve certainly not improved my brown thumb status so far this year. Thankfully, we are going to be getting veggie boxes this summer again from a local farm where they DO know what they’re doing and possess some very green thumbs.

This past weekend, we loaded up the entire family and headed South of the boarder for our first and longest road trip as a family of 5. We had no idea what to expect or how the kids would do being in the car for that many hours but thankfully, we all survived and came home with the same number of people as we left with.

Watching the cars on the interstate. Free entertainment!
Watching the cars on the interstate. Free entertainment!


It was actually a pretty fun weekend. I ran the Battle Frog obstacle race in Hudson WI on Saturday morning (recap coming!) and hubby took the boys to a baseball game while the little lady napped and I laid lifelessly in bed drinking hot coffee and dipping my GORP bar in a jar of peanut butter in our dark hotel room like a boss.

Our only hitch was what can only be described at the worst, most vile smelling explosive poo I have ever experienced…and I have experienced a lot of that with the little lady (remember this gem of a trip to Chapter’s???). Naturally, it would happen on race morning when we were already late getting out the door and I was dealing with pre-race jitters and wanting to get to the venue. How she manages to do what she does can only be described as a supernatural ability. She better find herself a man with a weak sense of smell and a strong stomach. I should have left an apology note for house keeping. Thankfully, she didn’t destroy any of their stuff but no god-fearing human should ever have to walk in on the apocalypse of tranchant odours without fair warning.

Other than that little incident and a few minor meltdowns in public, the weekend started and ended on a good note. I feel moderately accomplished at our first big road trip. 10+ hours in a van is not easy but the kids were troopers. Yay us!

More on Battle Frog coming soon!