Running Toward: Second Summer

Well maybe summer is a bit of an exaggeration but the fact that we were outside in the middle of November in light jackets and shoes instead of parkas and snow boots is pretty awesome. It was nice to get some sunshine this weekend. We’ve had some pretty dark and dreary weeks so a little sunshine goes a long way to boost the mood.

Last week was pretty low key. Hubby is hard at work trying to finish up his course in a few weeks so he’s had some more studying to do, I’ve been working hard trying to get the ins and outs of my job ironed out so that hopefully I will be able to “graduate” from my intern position and into a job as a coach. The next 4 weeks will be the big test as I work to take on coaching on my own. I’m really nervous about how this will go. I know what I have to do but something is just not clicking the way I need it to. It’s one of those things that the more you think about it, the harder it is. I’m trying to do less thinking and more doing. I have a plan, so I’m hoping and praying that things can start jiving because the clock is ticking.

My knees are finally starting to feel better. They still hurt a fair bit doing certain things but nothing like a couple of weeks ago. Lunges, stairs and running are still not good. The first two I can’t really avoid between coaching and living life but I’ve been diligently avoiding running this month to give myself maximum rest before I ease back into things and prepare for winter heart rate training. Let me tell you, not being able to run these last two weekends was tough because both weekends were warm, sunny and perfect running weather. Boo! But it’s for the greater good.

My kettle bell training has also been going well. SFG is less than 4 months away and I have a butt ton of work to do yet but I’m seeing progress so that gives me hope and excitement. I can squat my test weight for a few reps (boom!) and can double swing my test weight so that’s 2 of the 6 tests I feel really good about. I’m really liking the process though. I never in my life thought I’d love kettle bell training. Ever. But I do. Kind of like coaching. I never in a billion years thought I’d be in a position to stand in front of a crowd and coach but that’s the road I’m on.