Running Toward: Summer Break

Man oh man…it’s SUMMER TIIIIIIIIME!!!

This week was my 6 year old’s last week of Kindergarten (egad…moving to grade 1?! Somebody hold me) and we bid adieu to soccer for him and his brother. It was a great soccer season for both boys and they did so well! I am super proud of them for playing hard and being (mostly) good listeners to their coaches.

So now we embark on a hold new level of parenting known as summer vacation. As much as I’m looking forward to having no real set schedule of places to be at certain times, I’m also kinda dreading the lack of schedule. Having my oldest away at school every morning was great because he got a much needed break from the littles and the littles were able to be silly and play together. Now that he’s home all day, our dynamic is changing up a bit. Mostly to the tune of “I have nothing to do”. Arg!!! Now that our big boy has experienced daily play at a cooler play structure than our meager little slide and sand table as well as always having 19 other kids to run around with at his pace, playing games that he likes….well….let’s just say that our home life doesn’t quite measure up.

And since we don’t plan on having 19 of his closest friends over for recess every day and his siblings don’t quite offer him the challenge of racing and playing tag (mostly because of the crying factor when things don’t go their way…), I’m left with the task of finding new and creative (and cheap) ways to entertain 3 kids who are only 2ish years each apart in age but are decades apart in maturity right now.

I have ideas and plans but you never know how things actually turn out. Splash pads, wading pools, parks. We’ll try it all but at the same time, I don’t want to be on the go all summer either. I like having our quiet days at home too.

So pray for us as we embark on summer. May our days be filled with laughs and fun, may the tumbles and trips to the ER be next to none and may my coffee always be hot and my mug full.

Cheers to Summer, friends! Let’s make it amazing!