Running Toward: the Craziness of Every day

We’ve had a lot going on this past week. Family time was definitely a priority and it was great.

We finally cashed in the boys birthday present of a hockey game for our local AHL team, the Moose. For my 4 year old, this was his first live hockey game. He was beyond excited. I had my doubts that his attention span would last through 3 periods but he surprised me. After a brief snooze during the second period, he was all business through the until the end. It was an awesome afternoon with the boys.


Running did not really happen last week. I got one run in on Tuesday but after that…nadda. Too much going on and a nasty eye issue kept me miserable. Sweat dripping into my painful eye…not my idea of happiness. I can also confirm without a doubt that I haaaaaaaaate working out wearing glasses. I hate it. It throws off my mojo. But alas, sometimes you just gotta roll with it.

This week is one big question mark. Hubby is away on business all week so everything needs to fit into those precious few moments to myself. As I look and see it’s supposed to be gorgeous this week, a small part of me is weeping at the thought of a week on the treadmill and not the pavement. I’m dying for an outside run. I haven’t been on pavement or trail since last fall. Way too long!

Yay for spring flowers!
Yay for spring flowers!

Have an awesome week everyone!