Running Toward: the End of Winter (I hope!)

Happy Leap Year Monday! I hope you’re celebrating it by being awesome 366 days this year!

I’m celebrating it by constantly blowing my nose, wiping other kids noses and disinfecting my house like it’s a matter of life or death. After a solid week of cuddling my sick baby girl, having her sneeze on me incessantly (where do they learn this skill?!) and keep us up nights on end, I finally caught her flu. I can definitely understand why she was so cranky. I felt like garbage between the sore throat, fever and pounding headache so I can only imagine how awful she must have felt with all that hitting her tiny little body. And she didn’t have coffee as a consolation. I don’t know how she survived…

Either way, we’re hopefully on the mend now and with March just around the corner, I am sooooooo needing Spring to hit the radar. I am missing open windows, walks outside, trips to the park and the general lack of putting on 10 layers of clothes before heading outside. Our winter was pretty mild this year but no matter, I miss being outside in the warm sunshine. And if the level of mayhem the boys have been displaying over the last week is any indication…they’re missing it too.

Am I alone in my need for Spring and the refreshing that comes from a new season? I really feel like Spring will bring a fresh start in many different ways beyond new flowers, leaves on the trees and green, green grass. This winter has been tough on me and I could use a good healthy dose of hope and newness to help shake off the layers of doubt and uncertainty that tend to creep in through the cracks in my armour.

So while some of us are skipping merrily along and others of us are moving at a slower pace and others of us are drowning in seas of kleenex and cough drops, let’s hold tight to the fact that we will soon be leaping into Spring and clearing winter out for another year.