Running Toward: The Finish Line

Well…fear-inducing, anxiety-provoking, stomach-knotting outdoor adventure done!

9 hours in the bush trekking, biking, biking more, and then a bit more, canoeing and then more biking and my first ever Swamp Donkey is in the books.

I’m alive.

I think.

Thankfully, other than a knee that took a beating on the bike course, I have no pain at all in my body. I was fully expecting to be immobile for days so this is a good sign. The bruises are making themselves known and if left unattended for too long, I will likely fall asleep but otherwise, I came out relatively unscathed.

I had no idea what to expect, and I suppose in an endurance event where you don’t learn much of anything until a couple of hours before you head out, no one did. I knew it would be hard and that I’d be challenged as much physically as mentally but what that definition would actually look like wouldn’t be determined until the end of the race.

I’ll write more of a recap in a few days when my head is clear enough to think straight. But for now, know that my team, Cirque de Sore Legs, was amazing and that race course ensured we lived up to our name!

Swamp Donkey