Running Toward: The Highs and Lows of Parenting

February has been a whirlwind! I really can’t believe that it’s almost March. As much as I’m eager for warmer weather and those first signs of the Spring ahead, it’s been nice to bask in the adventures that this month has brought us.

Both my boys had birthdays this month (and apparently the little lady has several birthdays, according to her) which meant lots of celebrations, events, parties, and oh so much cake! Looking at my boys this morning, I can tell that they are most definitely partied out. I need to make a mental note to book a vacation for us after next year’s festivities are done. Whew!

I still can’t believe I have a 7 year old now and that my “baby” boy is 5. It blows my mind that I’ve been a mom for that long and that they still think I’m relatively cool and occasionally awesome. It’s a great phase in parenting. I love watching them continue to explore and discover themselves in the world around them.

I will admit though that I greet each new year with a bit of sadness in knowing that as they get older, the disconnect from me just a little bit more as they become more independent and less reliant on me. I already see them starting to realize that what I say and do isn’t the only way, or even necessarily the right way and are starting to make decisions on their own and learning about the consequences of their actions as well as how the decisions others make toward them affect them. I’ve held my oldest while he’s let go of sadness he couldn’t explain to me and tears he didn’t understand and allowed my heart to break right alongside him. There is no pain like that of a child who is hurting.

Aside from that though, I love watching my kids thrive. I love watching how my boys are becoming more protective of their baby sister (even though I’m fairly confident she’s tougher than both of them combined 🙂 ), and how they are building friendships with the kids around them. I love seeing their imaginations blossom and I never tire of experiencing the world through their eyes.

I’m excited for what this year will bring us. Lots of adventure and likely more than a few tears. My prayer for my sweet boys is that they will continually discover more about themselves and that they will carry themselves with confidence and never question whether or not they are good enough. And more than anything, I pray that they will still let me hug and kiss them and never doubt how much I love them.

Happy Birthday to my sweet, amazing, funny and compassionate little men.