Running Toward: the Joy of the Season

Can someone explain to me how it’s December? How it’s nearly the end of 2015? And where time has disappeared to? Seriously…it was September just a day or so ago, wasn’t it?

I feel like I just can’t keep up with life these days. 24 hours seems more like 10 minutes by the time the whirlwind of each day comes to a close. I’m definitely embracing those quiet moments at the end of the day when the kids are tucked in and there’s that momentary silence where all you can hear is that long exhale of the day coming to an end.

In this season of busyness and go-go-go, I always try to make a point of stop-stop-stopping. This year, it seems that as hard as I work to slow down, the faster I end up going. I’m having a really tough time getting into this holiday season because I am just so drained. All. The. Time.

Anyone else feel me on that one?

There’s a sense of rush and urgency that’s settled into our home over the past number of weeks that we can’t seem to get under control. We rush to get to the school bus, we rush to get to church, we rush to get through meals, we rush to get to work. It’s a pattern that doesn’t sit well with me and yet it is so ingrained in our culture that it’s no wonder we can’t keep it from seeping into our home.

This holiday season, I want to slow down. I want to take it all in. I want to savour every moment we have as a family. I want quiet. I want peace and mostly, I want rest. Not just sleep (though that would be blissful too), but a calmness that comes when you invite a slowing down that’s completely counter to what our society would say is “normal”.

I want my kids to enjoy this season and the magic that it brings. I want them to feel the magic of the lights and music and the joy and hope that we have because of the baby in a manger. I don’t want them to equate this season with stress, strife and obligation.


So the question then becomes: how do we manage ourselves in a world of overabundance, impatience and striving? I honestly don’t know. I think it looks different for everyone but in our house, I know we need to find rest, we need to find peace and we need to embrace joy even when we aren’t feeling particularly joyful wandering through busy stores, packed parking lots and unmanageable expectations.

Will you find hidden joy this holiday season? I sure hope and pray that I do. I want to experience the magic of the season and rest in the promise of a Saviour, sent to a broken world to heal its deepest wounds.