Running Toward: Zip, Zilch, Nadda

I don’t know where time is going but I’m in shock that tomorrow is November already. This fall has been nothing, if not crazy. In spite of the busyness of our every day, I’ve had quite a bit of writer’s block lately. I don’t have a single thing to write about. Even though we have lots going on, none of it is really worthy of writing about. We do swimming lessons, skating lessons, I work out, I work, the kids are endlessly sick (curse you germs!).

I guess I don’t see the value in writing about every minute detail of life anymore. My “runs” consist of less than 5k at a time and only about a mile of actual running right now to try and get my running back without messing my knee up. It’s done on a treadmill so the only scenery I have to talk about is whatever I’m watching on Netflix to pass the time.

Gym workouts, though exciting and fun for me, don’t really make the best conversation. I’m pretty sure no one cares about what I can and can’t lift, how many burpees I had to do or whether or not I got a bit too excited over working on my pull-ups that I may or may not have caused my arm enough grief that I’m on a break from any pulling exercises (whoops).

Maybe it’s just me, but I find the fall and winter months to be very tedious. Not a ton going on as the off-season means to races. A bum knee means running isn’t happening very much. And not having a solid action plan for 2017 goals means I’m kinda training to be active but not to get to an end goal right now.

So if it’s quiet around here, that’s why. This Mama bear needs some direction and focus to reignite a spark of excitement.

Have a great week (and happy Halloween!)