Running Towards: Not being sick

We’ve been sick this fall. Pretty much the entire fall. The level to which this irritates me goes way deep. Not just because I hate being sick but I hate being sick and having to admit to myself and others that I’m not well enough to do the things that I normally do.

This latest bout has seen us all catch nasty colds to various degrees. My oldest ended up with an ear infection, my baby girl is still (2 weeks later) snotty and gross, though otherwise back to her usual self. My hubby caught a nasty cold that’s taken him out for the last few days and I have had the pleasure of dealing with laryngitis and having no voice for the last week. My middle guy is just starting to get his round of this now and is complaining of sore ears and stuffy nose.

It. Sucks.

Fall is normally my absolute favorite season. It’s cooler, the colours are amazing, the crisp air in the morning cannot be beat and it’s easily my favorite season to run in. We’ve been sick for over a month now and I feel like fall is slipping through my fingers. We haven’t been able to enjoy it the way we normally would have. We’ve been stuck inside most of the time, under blankets, in pj’s feeling and looking like one sad bunch of people. With winter knocking on the door, I feel in a panic about the thought of heading into 5 long months of indoors with no final hurrah from fall to usher us into the hardest season of the year for me. Mentally, winter is tough.

I’m thankful I’ve been able to get out for a few things, mostly running, doing the Lemming Loop at the beginning of the month and the WFPS 10K just last weekend. I have a 5K fun run this week that I’m really looking forward to and am praying my voice is back by then. Heck, I’m praying that I can get it back sooner than that because with no voice, I can’t work. If I can’t work, I can’t learn and I want to be in there learning soooooooo badly. The day’s I’ve had to miss have been really tough. Really tough. I had envisioned myself being so much further ahead with my training than I am but these things that are out of my control are slowing me down. I’m not used to being forced to slow down, especially when, for the most part, I feel fine. I just don’t have 100% energy and only about 40% voice. *sighs*

If anyone has a miracle cure to get a voice back, please let me know. I’m getting desperate! I think secretly, my hubby has been enjoying the silence a bit though…