Sears Announces the Launch of PureNRG Active Line (review)

***Disclaimer: Sears Canada provided me with 3 outfits to review in exchange for posting my thoughts on their new PureNRG line of activewear. No monetary compensation was received and all opinions are my own.***

I grew up in Sears. My mum did almost all her shopping from there and I have many memories of getting lost in the hugeness of the department store. I remember getting their Wish Book winter catalog every fall and circling all the things I wanted to get for Christmas that year.

Even as I got older, my mum still relied on the good old Sear catalog to send me little care packages while I was away at university and living on my own a province away from her. I’ve always held a special spot in my heart for this store.

When Sears Canada announced their plans to introduce a line of activewear that was both function and reasonably priced, I was really excited to get to test drive some of the clothes first. Though my favorite gear usually comes from Under Armour (as I’m sure you’re well versed in if you spend any amount of time on this blog), I was really excited to see what a good, local brand was able to provide. More so, at the promise that none of their items were more than $50, I knew that this could very well be a fantastic go-to option for those on a budget or just getting started in their fitness journeys.

And so I waited for my mystery package to arrive.

IMG_20140201_161749 IMG_20140202_103042

When I finally picked it up from the UPS store, I was not disappointed. In it, was 3 pairs of bottoms and 3 tops to try out. The first outfit was from their Performance line. I received a pair of black tights and a beautiful green tank. Both were very comfortable and fit well. The tights were the perfect length (which is sometimes a problem for this 5’9″ frame) and felt very light. Though I haven’t had a chance to test them outside running yet (they aren’t made for the type of deep freeze we’ve been stuck in the past couple of months), I can say that they will likely do very well for me once the weather warms up a bit. I will warn that they are see-through when you bend over so I wouldn’t recommend using them for anything other than upright cardio. Unless you’re proud to show off your undies…in which case, fly free my friends.

IMG_20140209_130951 IMG_20140209_130921

The green performance tank was awesome! Very comfortable, didn’t rub and the fit was good. I wore it for a short indoor run and lower body workout and it stood up to the test. It kept me cool and handled my sweaty self very well. The only thing I wasn’t a fan of was the shelf bra. For me, personally, I have no use for them because I’ll always wear a sports bra so I find the extra fabric just gets in the way. That said, it didn’t bunch up for get in the way at all. Just a personal preference.


Next was a pair of crops and a bright peach top from Studio Line. The top also has a shelf bra with removable pads. Really great for yoga actually. Again, I’ll probably use without but I can see this being something that would appeal to yoga enthusiasts that was to be covered but have as little restriction of movement as possible.

The crops as well as the capri’s from the Athleisure line were out of this world! So comfortable, fit so nicely and yes…I wear them around the house and out in public without shame! They are really quite lovely. The only thing I wouldn’t use them for would be strenuous cardio like running or spinning or elliptical. The reason being is that the material, though it does have wicking properties, isn’t the same performance material that you see in the tights. In my opinion after doing a short run is that I can see a lot of sweat hanging onto the material and causing chaffing. But for cross-training….these are king.

The final piece was a black jacket from the Athleisure line that is just beautiful. Nice and light, it’s perfect to slip over your gear on the way to the gym or when heading back home. I don’t know if I’d use it for a run on a cooler day (same reason as the capri’s and crops) but it’s definitely a staple item in my closet now.

Overall, I am very impressed with the new line. The price point really can’t be beat (both tanks cost less than $20 each, the crops and capris, under $25) and that it’s a local brand, accessibility is also a major plus.

Stay tuned!! The fun isn’t done yet! Next week, I’ll be hosting a fan-stinkin-tastic giveaway on behalf of Sears Canada for all my Canadian readers. Trust me, you don’t want to miss out!


6 thoughts on “Sears Announces the Launch of PureNRG Active Line (review)”

  1. Love Canadian giveaways!
    I remember the Sears catalog too – so much fun circling the things I wanted for Christmas. I always wanted to be one of the kids in the catalog!

    The pros and cons were really helpful! I may have to check out this line!

    1. It’s definitely a personal preference. I find loose fitting gear tends to increase the changes of chaffing, especially if I’m really working hard, like running on the treadmill. I prefer tighter bottoms for function no matter what but I do have some looser fitting running tops. Before I choose anything, I look at the materials in the garment. Tight or loose, it has to fit well and you have to be comfortable wearing it otherwise it will just sit in your closet.

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