Welcome to the harvest! I’m glad you’ve stopped by. Why don’t I tell you a bit about myself so you can get to know the gal behind the cripplingly bad grammar.

I’m Stephanie, a Canadian mom to 3 energetic kids. I love writing, running, working out (seriously…I do), coffee and cheap boxed `wine…not always in that order.


For years, I lived my life surrounded by fear, loads of self-doubt and uncertainty about who I was and why I was here. I have a good life but not always an easy one. When I started my family, I couldn’t help feel a sense that something was missing. Not in my life but within myself. I spent years feeling unsettled, lonely and incomplete. After my youngest child was born in 2014, I felt an overwhelming need to discover what it was that God made me to be and what it was that He wanted me to accomplish and pursue in my lifetime. I definitely have no answers but I do know that each day brings me opportunity to explore what lay in front of me and release the things that are now behind me.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that it’s all deep thoughts and moodiness over here because it most definitely is not. I am a chronic over-sharer (hence the blog…trust me, it gives my poor husband a much-needed break from my chatter) and not afraid to out myself for the (many) times I’ve had life/parent/spousal-fails. I’m so far from perfect, I have no choice but to share because otherwise I’d have nothing to write about.

When I’m not mindlessly watching hours of Netflix busy trying to balance working, raising kids I won’t have to bail out of jail and smoking myself out of my kitchen, you can find me running, studying to be a strength coach and pursuing all that God has in store for me.


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