Tracking my Activity with Runtastic Orbit

Disclosure: I was contacted by Runtastic and offered a free Runtastic Orbit in exchange for posting an honest review of the product on my blog. All opinions are my own.

I’m a fitness numbers geek. I LOVE seeing the numbers, whether good or bad, I find that knowing how far I ran, how fast and how often really helps me with my overall training. When I pair the numbers with my mood, how my body is feeling and my diet and sleep, I get a really clear picture of whether or not my training cycle is working and what I need to do to make it better.

When Runtastic sent me their new Runtastic Orbit, I was eager to see how well it would track. I’d already been using the Runtastic Pro app to track some of my mileage before getting injured last summer so I was familiar with them and know a lot of people that really swear by their app. In no time at all, I was sitting looking at the Orbit and setting it up with my info.

Runtastic Orbit
Runtastic Orbit


Syncing my Activity
Syncing my Activity

About Runtastic Orbit:

Runtastic Orbit is a wearable device that provides you with 24-hour tracking to help you get a better sense of your daily movements, personal habits and (most importantly) untapped potential. Often times, we fall into the trap of thinking we’re doing more than we are, or not sitting doing nothing for as long as we actually are. The Orbit tracks everything from calories burned, steps taken and hour’s spent sleeping to not only help you reach your goals but also to give you an accurate account of how active you really are in comparison to the goals you have set out for yourself. The Orbit, coupled with the Runtastic Me app is the first Runtastic hardware product geared towards “anyone and everyone,” regardless of an individual’s affinity for sports or fitness. Getting this while ridiculously pregnant was nice because it was something I could use even if I wasn’t out running miles upon miles or doing a yoga or fitness class.

Orbit tracks Steps, Active Minutes, Calories Burned, Sleep Cycles, Goals and Ambient
Lighting. Other features include an OLED Display, Time & Alarm and Bluetooth Smart Technology. It is also waterproof up to 300 feet (Note: I wasn’t able to test this function as I won’t be cleared to swim for another 4-6 weeks).

It also allows data collected on the Runtastic app to be viewed on the Orbit display improving the ease of viewing real-time activity details during a run, walk or bike ride.

Love the Blue.
Love the Blue.

How Runtastic Orbit Works:

  • Track your Steps & Distance daily
  • Monitor Sleep Duration & Cycles each night
  • Keep an eye on Calories Burned
  • Set & Reach Goals like never before
  • View Runtastic app stats using Orbit Connect
  • Go for a swim with your Waterproof Orbit
Runtastic Me App
Runtastic Me App


  • The Orbit is lightweight, easy to wear and really does have options to fit anywhere on your body and still track. The Orbit comes with two wrist bands (blue and black) as well as a clip-on (in black) that you can fasten to your pants, swimsuit, shirt etc. The clip stayed in place very well and I didn’t have to worry about it falling off and getting lost. I fell asleep with it on one night and it was in place the next morning which is no small feat as I was up to feed the Little Lady multiple times through the night.
  • Display is crisp and clear and set-up was easy and took very little time. It’s easy to adapt and change your goals and the Orbit will always encourage you to push a little harder. I set my steps goal at only 4,000 knowing that during the time I was testing the product, I was supposed to be resting and not doing too much. In spite of my efforts, I still managed to clock between 5,000-7,500 steps per day just chasing after the kids, walking with a fussing baby and doing the normal every day things I do at home during the day. Who knew I moved that much around my house?!
  • I like that you get a nudge to move when you’ve been sitting still too long but you also get a notification when you’ve hit 50% of your daily step goal and again when you’ve reached your goal for the day. It’s always nice to get a pat on the back.
  • The price point is reasonable for the unit and the Runtastic Me app is absolutely free, as is the Runtastic app (the Runtastic Pro app will set you back $4.99 but the basic app is still very good if you’re not looking to invest the extra money).
  • Syncing was very fast and automatic as soon as I opened the Runtastic Me app. It took mere seconds for my data to update and load on the app, making it easy to check and update my goals when needed.
  • Good customer service. When I first started using the Orbit, I had an issue with it not syncing with the Runtastic Me app. For some unknown reason, it would not recognize my Orbit and so I wasn’t able to sync my data or update/set my goals. I notified Runastic of my issue and within a day, a service rep was on the phone with me, offering me several solutions to try and fix my problem as well as a promise to send a new unit out right away if these solutions failed. As someone who has had some very awful customer service issues with companies in the past, this was like a breath of fresh air.
Houston...we have a problem
Houston…we have a problem
Problem Solved. Ready to rock.
Problem Solved. Ready to rock.


  • The fact that I had technical difficulties right away was a bit disheartening but again, the excellent customer service and advice helped counter this.
  • The Runtastic Me app for Android (my OS) hasn’t gotten the best reviews and it seems that some of the issues I was having with mine were also experienced by other Android users with similar phones. Hopefully, these issues will be addressed with future updates to the app.
  • The sleep tracking has its limitations. You have to press and hold the device button for about 3 seconds to get it to switch to sleep mode. From there, it tracks how long you’re sleeping until you switch it back to awake mode. I found that this was very limiting for me in terms of letting me know the amount of sleep I was actually getting vs the amount of time I was in bed whether awake or asleep. I also tried the sleep function out by turning it to awake mode whenever I got up to feed the baby at night. This was a bit of a pain because to track your sleep as accurately as possible, you need to actually remember to switch it over. A couple of times, I forgot and was surprised when I got a little nudge that I’d been inactive for too long and should get up and move (it was 2am…no thanks).
  • The charger functions as a magnet rather than a direct outlet plug into the Orbit. I found the fit not to be the greatest and the magnet not the strongest as the charger came off the unit way too easily for my liking.

Final Thoughts:

Overall, I like the product. What I think is its greatest selling point is the fact that it’s built for people of all fitness and activity levels. This makes it a great entry level device for anyone getting started with their fitness but it also progresses with you through it’s integration with the existing Runtastic app. This allows you to continue to build your fitness and train with the unit without it becoming obsolete once you reach a certain level of fitness.

The Runtastic Orbit retails for $119.99USD and can be purchased from Canada Computers and Walmart.

You can follow Runtastic on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Instagram.

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  1. I used to wear something that would track my every move, and I am not going to lie – it made me go NUTS! Like seriously, NUTS, it was not healthy! ha! So I had to stop. However, with a clearer mindset these days, I feel like I would be able to deal with seeing my numbers on a daily basis and I would definitely notice if I was ever to start going crazy about them!

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