Twilight 5K Trail Run Recap

I have to admit, the more I run on trails, the more I fall in love with them. And the happier I get when I discover new trails in my own city to run on. There’s definitely a sense of freedom that comes in the solitude of nature.

I tackled a trail run last week and it was one of the most awesome runs yet. It took place at night with us starting just as the sun disappeared. Armed with headlamps, friends and totally rad costumes, we set off on a 5K adventure through the trails of Fort Whyte Alive. I’ve done this race once before but I will admit that I didn’t fully appreciate it back then. I was running injured and frustrated and though I had fun, there was no magic.

This time, there was magic. It was awesome. The night was perfect and the company of friends made it even better. We had so much fun getting dressed up, we nearly forgot that we still had to run!

Ready to rock the trails!
Ready to rock the trails!

Other than some nagging knee pain that got pretty bad around mile 2, this run was fabulous. It was tough and I was pushing my pace but it felt so good. In a month that’s seen some great, but not frequent running, I have to say that I enjoyed the heck out of this one. Like I said…the freedom of a run can’t be beat.

After we finished, it was beer, smores and smokeys. Who says runner’s don’t know how to have a good time.

And even though you can’t see them, I have my PRO Compression Marathon Elites on under my leg warmers and they kept my calves so happy!! Zero tightness, zero pain, all awesome! I cannot say enough about these socks!

All in all, a really awesome night. Good run (a 5K PR for me!), good company, good trails and great atmosphere. Thanks For Whyte for keeping this run amazing!