Winter Miles and Treadmill Trials

After a harsh snap of winter last week that saw my face literally freeze and fall off my head, I’m happy to be waking up to some balmier weather for this week. There is nothing that gets inside my head faster than frigid winter weather. I don’t mind snow, I don’t mind if it gets colder but when you freeze and can’t warm up and the roads are sheets of ice and you’re trying to cart kids around…no thanks.

So my sincerest apologies to anyone and everyone that my grumpiness may have affected (none of whom likely read this blog). I promise I’ll do better this week.

Among other things that have nothing to do with weather, I’m proud to say that I’ve been running a bit more consistently over the past few weeks. Everything has been on the treadmill because it’s too cold out and my schedule just doesn’t allow for any solo running time these days. I have to squeeze it in during quiet time during the week. Not ideal but better than not doing it at all. It will be a very slow build to try and get some endurance back but because I’ve kept up a base of fitness in other areas, I don’t think it will take too long provided that I’m consistent with training.

Post-Run fashion at its finest.

One of the biggest factors to running indoors is boredom. I get bored so quickly on the treadmill. So. Bored. And when you run a 12 min/mile, it takes awhile to get the miles done so this is by no means a quick jaunt for me. I’m also a tv snob. I don’t really enjoy tv or movies so finding something to watch to pass the time is almost tougher than the miles themselves. I don’t like violent shows which cancels out about 90% of what’s popular right now. I prefer documentaries but I’ll admit, I’ve cruised through most of the ones that interest me. Anyone have any suggestions for Netflix shows or movies or documentaries that have gotten you through winter training? Help a gal out!