Embracing my Inner Snow Bunny

I will be the first to admit that I’m not the biggest fan of winter. The cold, the mountains of snow, the bundling up of my kids which is on par with stabbing myself in the eye with a fork on the scale of things I’d rather not do and most of all: the short hours of daylight. The dark days kill me.

This year, I’ve decided to try an embrace the longest season we see here in the Canadian Prairies a little bit more. One could say that I’m pulling up my big girl pants while looking for the silver lining in the darkened sky and reminding myself that it could be worse: we could have no daylight right now. Or something…

Either way, I picked a good time to get outdoors because we’ve had a mild winter so far. It’s actually been totally tolerable. Someone please remind me of this when the -30C hits and I’m sobbing into my 8 layers of clothing while shivering at the bus stop every morning.

Last year, I decided that it was time to really embrace trying things that were a bit freaky for me. Things I may have wanted to do but have been too shy to attempt. I conquered my first two obstacle course races last year (and the bruising has finally healed for those who were wondering), did a trail run and stepped out into the world of coaching. Yep…I had more “I might pee my pants from anxiety” moments last year than my entire life combined. And along with that comes zero regrets about any of it. Except maybe admitting that I might pee my pants when I get scared…

Moving right along…

So fast forward to today. I have decided to embrace winter and get out there more. Running isn’t really an option right now until I can build a base and make sure my knees are going to cooperate. I’d really love to try cross-country skiing but my level of coordination suggests that I wait a bit longer for that one. So I settle on another activity that I’ve been interested in doing for awhile now: snowshoeing!


I had some birthday money to spend so I invested in a pair of snowshoes and I am so glad that I did! I quickly found out that there were quite a few people interested in taking part so before I knew it, I had a date to snowshoe with a group of amazing ladies! We forged our own path, explored and managed to find our way back to our starting point with no difficulty (I can’t take any credit for this because I had no idea where we were at any point in our trek. But given that I routinely use the panic button to find my van in parking lots, this should come as no surprise to anyone).

It was awesome!! I had so much fun. It was hard work but boy was it ever great. I’m totally hooked. We trekked out to the provincial park just minutes away from where I live and spent a couple of hours exploring, tripping over each other and having fun. It was so great. I can’t wait to do it again.

Unless it gets really cold…in which case, I’m hibernating with Netflix until Spring.